Ohio State supplies athletic and educational opportunities to over 1,000 student-athletes in 36 varsity intercollegiate sports.

It takes significant resources to support an athletic program the size of Ohio State’s – the largest and most comprehensive program in the nation.

Help us to provide our student-athletes with a remarkable
collegiate experience.

Support the Buckeye Club today!

Benefits of Your
Annual Gift

Annual Contribution
  • Invitation to a Department of Athletics annual event
  • Opportunity to purchase a football season parking permit
  • Ticket priority to away and postseason football games
  • Opportunity to purchase season football tickets
  • Membership card and admission for two (2) individuals to Ohio State Olympic Sports
  • Invitation to the annual Buckeye Club Reception
  • Golf course walk-on privileges*
  • Eligible for single game alumni lottery**
  • Enhance the future of a student-athlete
  • Parking Pass Elgibility


  • (4 tickets)

  • Proximity Parking Eligible


  • (2 tickets)

  • Proximity Parking Eligible


  • (2 tickets)

  • Proximity Parking Eligible

Big Ten

  • (2 tickets)

  • Non-Proximity Parking Eligible

Scarlet and

  • (2 tickets)

  • Non-Proximity Parking Eligible


  • (2 tickets)

Letterwinners Level
(former varsity athletes)

  • (2 tickets)

Horseshoe Level
(ages 35 and under)

  • (2 tickets)

Non-Proximity Parking Eligibility

Buckeye Club members at the Scarlet and Gray or Big Ten Champions Level are eligible to purchase one (1) non-proximity parking pass per $3,000 of qualifying membership contribution.

(ex. A member with two (2) Scarlet and Gray Level OR one (1) Big Ten Champions Level membership could contribute $3,000 annually to qualify for one (1) non-proximity parking pass.

Proximity Parking Eligibility

Buckeye Club members at the National Champions Level or higher are eligible to purchase one (1) proximity parking pass per membership on their account.

(ex. A member with two (2) National Champions Level OR two (2) Scholar Athlete Level memberships could qualify for two (2) proximity parking passes)

Scarlet and Gray Level Restrictions

Scarlet and Gray Level memberships may not be coupled with higher membership levels (Big Ten Champions, National Champions, etc.)

Personal accounts may have as many Scarlet and Gray Level memberships as desired. Corporate accounts are not eligible for Scarlet and Gray Level memberships.

Multi-level Membership Opportunities

Buckeye Club members may mix and match Big Ten Champions Level and higher memberships to accumulate the benefits that best suit their needs.

(ex. One (1) Big Ten Champions Level membership and one (1) National Champions Level membership would qualify to purchase four (4) season tickets, one (1) proximity parking pass, and one (1) non-proximity parking pass.)

* Eligible to pay alumni-rate greens fees and use of the facility. Proper identification must be presented for you and your guest. Limited to six (6) visits per year for donors contributing below $1,500 and twelve (12) visits per year for donors contributing $1,500 and above.

** Eligibility based on the member being a graduate of The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Tax ID: 31-1145986

Eligible to pay alumni-rate greens fees and use of the facility. Proper identification must be presented for you and your spouse. You may not sponsor a guest.

New season ticket requests for football are based upon availability and level of membership.

The monthly payment plan allows you to divide your payment equally, beginning with the month you begin your membership and continuing until June of that year.

For example, if you make a payment at the Big Ten Champions Level in July, you will have twelve (12) months to complete your membership.

$3,000/12 months = $250.00 per month

If you begin your payment at the Big Ten Champion Level in January, you will have six (6) months to complete your membership.

$3,000/6 months = $500.00 per month

In order to sign up for pre-authorized monthly payments, please fill out the form below and mail to the office of Ohio State Athletics Development:

Monthly Payment Form

Payments will be taken out on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Ohio State Athletics Development
Fawcett Center, 8th Floor
2400 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Without a doubt, the strength of the Buckeye Club comes from our generous members. For over 35 years, the supporters of the Buckeye Club have joined us in our common goal of supporting the Ohio State Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund. With your help, we hope to continue in this mission by adding to the loyal Buckeye Club family.

In an effort to increase our support of the 1,000+ Ohio State student-athletes, our goal is to expand the Buckeye Club by 1,000 new members. To reach this goal, we will need your help, as representatives of Buckeye Nation, to champion our mission and encourage new Ohio State supporters to join the Buckeye Club.

Each year, the athletic department transfers millions of dollars to the university to fund student-athlete scholarships. We are blessed that the generosity of thousands of Buckeye Club members helps to aid this support. While this shows the tremendous support of Buckeye Nation, it is our hope that, with your help, we can continue to build the Buckeye Club's membership base and move closer to fully funding our student-athlete scholarships.

Every member, and every dollar makes a direct impact on our student-athletes. With your help, we can ensure that our Buckeyes continue the Ohio State tradition of excellence. Be a champion for our Buckeyes.

For information about how to refer a new member, please call (614) 292-9908 or email BuckeyeClub@osu.edu.

*Your name and Buckeye Club account number must be provided with the new member information.