Securing the Future of Ohio State Athletics Today

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is one of the most visible, respected and accomplished programs in the nation. It ranks among the largest by two important measures – number of student-athletes (over 1,000) and number of sports (36). Remaining in the forefront of scholarship, innovation and intercollegiate competition requires an incredible commitment from a generous group of supporters.

Buckeyes Forever has been created to continue fulfilling the mission of Ohio State Athletics. University alumni and friends, who are dedicated to the continued success of Buckeye student-athletes, can make a lasting impact on the program by giving to the Department of Athletics through a legacy gift.

Why Support Buckeyes Forever?

To meet the ever-increasing costs of tuition, room and board for our student-athletes, build and maintain athletic venues to maximize performance as well as the comfort and safety of our fans, and secure resources to attract and retain the best coaches and staff in the nation, requires a consistent and reliable revenue stream combined with prudent, strategic spending practices.

The most critical component for achieving long-term financial stability for Ohio State Athletics rests with our success in developing private partnerships. Buckeyes Forever is an avenue to assist in securing the future of the program. It will positively impact future generations of Buckeye student-athletes, and will assist the Department of Athletics in providing them with a first-class experience.

Deciding the Best Way to Give

Gift type



Gifts Ohio State Can Use Now


Makes an impact right away Observe gift in use during lifetime Current income tax charitable deduction

Ohio State immediate beneficiary

Gift and estate tax savings Freezes taxable value of appreciating assets before they pass to beneficiaries Remainder to you or your heirs
Ohio State and one or more other charities
  • Makes an impact right away
  • Establishes one source for charitable giving
  • Current charitable contribution tax deduction

Gifts Providing Income to You


Current income tax charitable deduction Estate tax savings Capital gains tax savings Fixed lifetime payments to you or someone you choose

One or two annuitant beneficiaries Remainder to Ohio State

Current income tax charitable deduction Estate tax savings Capital gains tax savings Lifetime payments to you or others One more beneficiaries Remainder to Ohio State

Gifts Taking Effect After Your Lifetime


Estate tax savings Flexibility in caring for family needs first

Ohio State

Estate and income tax savings Ohio State
May receive income tax charitable deduction Ohio State

For more information about types of gifts available through
Buckeyes Forever, please consult our brochure.