The office of Ohio State Athletics Development is the fundraising umbrella of Ohio State Athletics and provides a way for individuals and organizations to help our talented young people receive a quality education and competitive experience.

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is one of the most visible, respected and accomplished programs in the nation. It ranks among the largest by two important measures – number of student-athletes (over 1,000) and number of sports (36). Remaining in the forefront of scholarship, innovation and intercollegiate competition requires an incredible commitment from a generous group of supporters.

The Department of Athletics maintains totally self-supporting operations. All buildings and capital expenditures, including debt service, are funded by the department’s generated funds without subsidy from the university. No student fees, tax dollars or university funds are used to support the programs of the Department of Athletics. Without philanthropic support, the Department of Athletics would not be able to offer our young men and women an opportunity to earn a highly respected degree while competing at the highest level of intercollegiate sport.

Our Mission

Ohio State Athletics Development serves to provide an unparalleled experience for our current, former, and future student-athletes by embracing and engaging a community of passionate supporters, establishing transformative commitments, and illustrating impact to encourage sustained philanthropy.

The following list of questions and answers is intended to provide you with some general information regarding your involvement to Ohio State Athletics.


Your contribution to the Department of Athletics may be utilized in a number of different ways to benefit the goals of Ohio State. Buckeye Club membership payments are used to cover the costs of athletic grant-in-aid provided to our student-athletes. Athletic grant-in-aid encompasses tuition, books, and room and board.

Major gift and capital project contributions are used to create endowments that support our student-athletes, and to forward the overall goals of the department through the construction and renovation of athletic facilities.

Members renewing their membership must renew by February 5 each year. New members must join by April 30 each year.


Access to season football tickets is based on availability and thusly not guaranteed. However, based upon prior experience, we are confident that all Buckeye Club members who make their qualifying payment prior to the renewal or new member deadlines will have the opportunity to purchase season football tickets.

Buckeye Club members can qualify for as many tickets as they would like! Each Buckeye Club membership (with the exception of the All-America Level) qualifies for two (2) season tickets. Individuals may contribute towards multiple memberships to qualify to purchase of as many tickets as they wish. For details and restrictions, please see information about Buckeye Club membership levels.

Full re-seating of Ohio Stadium occurs every four years, beginning with the 2016 season. Seat selection windows begin after all season ticket orders have been processed, and are assigned based on the priority point system. For more information about the seat selection process, please click here.

For 2020, a full-season package costs $702. The cost for a pair of seats is $1,404. There is an additional $35 surcharge for postage and handling.

Yes, you may lose your ticket privileges if you have engaged in conduct that is determined, by either OSU or the NCAA, to be in violation of any NCAA rule or if, in OSU's reasonable discretion, you have otherwise taken any action that jeopardizes the eligibility of OSU's programs or its student-athletes.

Yes. As a Buckeye Club member, you will still be eligible to enter the OSUAA ticket lottery.


The following prices represented 2020 parking prices. Parking prices for future years are subject to change.

Location* Price
North Riverbank, South Riverbank, South Fieldhouse, West Stadium, East Stadium, Tuttle Garage, South Lincoln $420
Schottenstein Center, Fawcett Center, Sisson, Northwest Garage $385
RV Parking $735
Day of Game Motor home (Located at the Schottenstein Center, North of the Practice Fields and West of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium) $120
*Parking is available to members who qualify at each respective membership level


There is no contribution necessary to purchase season basketball tickets. For more information, please click here.

If in doubt – ask!

For compliance booster information, click here